EASYWRITE is a partner of LogisticaUno Rally Cup by Michelin

The rallies are won (also) in Recce

Thanks to the new partnership with Easywrite ™ ️, all participants in the LogisticaUno Rally Cup by Michelin 2021 will have the opportunity to purchase products from the Easywrite range at a favorable condition.

Tools that are as simple as they are indispensable for the accurate drafting of the notes of the most beautiful stages in Italy, in the Italian WRC Championship.

Andrea Villa (Easywrite ™ ️ Project Manager): «The partnership reached with the organizers of LogisticaUno Rally Cup by Michelin represents a new important step for us, in what for us is to help all the rally crews. Ensuring an improvement in its performance and at the same time decreasing the level of stress in the reconnaissance phase – and therefore also during the race – is the goal that Easywrite ™ ️ has had since its inception. Being supported by important partners within the LogisticaUno Rally Cup by Michelin will allow us to bring rally drivers even closer to our values. “

  • Logistics A Rally Cup by Michelin: characteristics
  • 7 valid races, all with the same coefficient, with 6 useful results
  • Prize pool over 200,000 euros
  • Competitions in the most beautiful scenarios in Italy
  • Matching to the title of Italian WRC Champion
  • Constant assistance in the field of competition
  • Hospitality Reserved for members
  • Official ACISPORT Media Coverage

There are many strengths proposed by LogisticaUno Rally Cup by Michelin, including: the combination with CIWRC races that guarantee excellent quality standards and fascinating settings throughout the Italian territory; the constant support in the race field of the Michelin technicians, always ready to give advice on the correct use of the effective new asphalt tire; the promoter’s communication investments and, last but not least, the important prize money up for grabs.

Among all, the prize for the winner will be, for example, € 30,000 if the car used is of the WRC category, while it will rise to € 38,000 if won with a less powerful R5 car. Important figures, which will also be cumulative with the AciSport prize pool for the winner of the Italian WRC Championship, thus raising the winnings to € 45,000 and € 53,000 respectively, obviously with the exclusive use of Michelin tires.

A particular prize pool was instead reserved for the R2C class cars (new Rally4), with a final prize of € 15,000, to which must be added a race with an N5 class car with an All-inclusive formula (with the exception of the Deductible).

More details available in the series regulations on the website www.rallycup.it and on the LOGISTICAUNO RALLY CUP by MICHELIN social channels.