Easywrite: What is it?

The writing of the notes has always been one of the keys to obtaining top performances in rallies.

Every driver knows this well, and that is why much of the preparation work for a race is dedicated to the best possible “reading” of the route, its characteristics and its pitfalls.

Any competitive driver, professional or gentleman who is, knows well that the drafting of the notes will depend on a large part of the result he can obtain.

Easy to say, but not so easy to do.

Lots of variables, sometimes empirical methods of writing notes, objective but also subjective difficulties.

How to get around?

The answer came from a team of experienced young drivers: Easywrite. It is a light and easy-to-use tool, of spontaneous interpretation, which is mounted on the rim of the steering wheel and allows an immediate view of the number associated with the radius of curvature of each single turn of the route.

Easywrite is a tool – covered by an international patent – simple and intuitive. A method that, especially in today’s rallies where the reconnaissance of the race routes are severely limited and strictly regulated, can make a difference both in terms of results and, above all, of safety.