Eric Camilli in the Easywrite Community

Edited by Sergio Remondino

One of the best talents produced by the French school in recent years, Eric Camilli, is the prestigious Easywrite color bearer in the Monte Carlo Rally which is about to open the 2021 World Championship season.

An exceptional testimonial therefore joins the Easywrite community and goes to work alongside the other brand ambassadors, Chris Ingram and Simone Campedelli, to enlarge and further enrich a team that is becoming increasingly rich and prestigious. Eric Camilli, already winner twelve months ago of the WRC3 category in Montecarlo together with Francois-Xavier Buresi, starts with the best intentions of reconfirmation in the most famous and prestigious rally where, on the Citroën C3 followed directly by the French manufacturer, he will aim to excel again in the category reserved for R2 cars.

In addition to seeking a prestigious result, in Monte Carlo Camilli and Buresi take the field with another important mission: to give the “baptism of fire” to the French version of the Easywrite system for reading the racecourse. Named “Col de Turini” as an homage to the most famous special stage in the world of rallies, the variant intended for French sportsmen represents a further development of the Easywrite system concepts and contains several innovations that will soon be revealed.

Happy Monte Carlo, therefore, to the new Easywrite brand ambassadors!

Eric Camilli: “I am delighted to join the Easywrite community, especially in such an important event like the Rallye Montecarlo. I will be part of this start-up like Chris Ingram and Simone Campedelli, I’ll be part of this startup, Ready to Write Your Success. Follow us this weekend!”.

Andrea Villa (Project Manager Easywrite): “To start the rally season together with Eric Camilli, who is a very experienced and talented driver, makes us proud of our achievements, furthermore we are confident in the launch of our French version of Easywrite’s patented steering wheel cover. The Rallye Montecarlo is ‘a one of a kind’ race, and even without the fans on the roads we are sure that it will be followed by a lot of them, everyone in their own house. And it is just the beginning of an eventful 2021 season for us, more will follow!”.