Easywrite, the revolutionary route reading system now known in all major automotive scenarios, competes in the Italian Rally Gravel Championship with two decidedly top crews.

In fact, Simone Campedelli and Gianfranco Rappa, competing with the Vw Polo R5 to officially represent MRF Tires, are joined by Tamara Molinaro, sailed by Piercarlo Capolongo, in the San Marino Rally scheduled for this week.

The 23-year-old girl from Como has chosen to marry the Easywrite project and become one of the brand ambassadors of the revolutionary “live” route reading system because she believes that this can be very useful in her training process as a professional driver.

“I have been running since 1997 – explains the 2017 European female champion – and despite being young I have already gained a lot of experience, especially abroad, but I still have a lot of room for improvement. Especially with regard to the drafting of the notes relating to the race course. Thanks to Easywrite I can have immediate proof of the goodness of my reconnaissance and this will be of great help to me in the race, also given the little space now granted in this regard by the regulations. Moreover, I have almost always raced abroad and, despite being Italian, I know very few races in our country. In this, Easywrite gives you more confidence, because you can immediately see if you worked well in the pre-race”.

With what objectives are you preparing to tackle the Italian rallies at the wheel of the Citroen C3 R5?

“As I’ve always said, the women’s rankings interest me to a certain extent. It is in relation to the best that I want to measure myself and my goal is precisely this: to file a little at a time the gap with respect to the top drivers and slowly get to fight with them for success. I’ll succeed? I don’t know, but I’ll try!”Tamara Molinaro

A new chapter awaits, therefore, the Easywrite brand ambassadors, with Simone Campedelli and Tamara Molinaro and their respective navigators strongly intent on giving a show at the weekend on the beautiful dirt roads of the San Marino Rally.