#EasyTech: Dampers

In modern rally cars the dampers usually have 3 main settings.

1. Compression – Low Speed

It acts on the lateral roll at low frequencies and generates the feeling in the first phase of the curve.

The softer the shock absorber, the easier cornering will be, at the expense of less reactivity in fast direction changes.

2. Compression – High Speed

It acts at medium and high frequencies, also modifying the vertical comfort of the car.

The stiffer this adjustment is, the more responsive the car will be, but at the same time less comfortable and very professional to drive.

3. Rebound

It acts on the return of the dampers excursion. It is important to find a good balance, as this adjustment also affects the car’s traction, and the longitudinal transfer of weights in relation to the front and rear axles.

An extension that is «too closed» (rigid) could adversely affect traction.

A «too opened» (soft) extension could instead cause an imbalance to the dynamics of the vehicle in the various cornering phases.