RAVASI CORSE becomes EASYWRITE ™ reseller for Switzerland

The entry of Ravasi Corse as an Easywrite dealer in Switzerland was confirmed at the beginning of December. Ravasi Corse, founded in 1952, represents one of the most important Swiss companies in Motorsport and in particular in rallying. The whole Easywrite team is very proud to be able to count, a few months after the launch of their first product, such an important reseller.

Interview with Pietro Ravasi (By Sergio Remondino)
For the Ravasi, racing and cars are a family business. Mario Ravasi S.A. has been operating since 1952, a company that in 65 years has become a point of reference, and not only in Switzerland, in terms of tuning, car accessories and racing, with 40,000 items in stock.

Since 1996 Pietro Ravasi has combined this passion for the car by racing in rallies, where he sailed different drivers in various countries, reading the notes in different languages, until 2006. Then, in 2007, he started racing with Grégoire Hotz and together two have won 5 Swiss national titles – 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2015 – competing officially for Renault and Peugeot and reaping great satisfaction with cars such as the Clio Super 1600 and 207 Super 2000.

Then came the era of the R5 …

“The cars of the R5 category – explains Pietro Ravasi – are accessible to different levels of crews. They are cars that hide infinite potential and that can be used by average drivers as well as professionals. The R5s are this: as soon as you manage to tune the crew, you go to work on the trim and transmission adjustments, progressing exponentially.

The only negative point, the R5s require continuous training in order not to lose the automatisms, and this involves considerable costs “.

What is the level of Swiss rallying?

“I believe that the level of rallying in Switzerland is medium-high. Comparing it to Italy, it ranks between the Zone championships and the top league; similarly to what happens in France with the Coupe de France and the top league. Unfortunately there are few rallies on Swiss soil and so tests are scheduled in France and Italy ”.

You have chosen to include Easywrite in Ravasi’s very rich catalog: why?

“Because I am convinced that Easywrite is a brilliant idea. A product that must always accompany the crew during the drafting of the notes. I recommend it to anyone because thanks to it you can always keep the same “dictionary”, from the beginning to the end of the special. The latter is a basic part to be able to progress and go faster in rallies.

With Easywrite you can always keep the same type of rhythm and language in writing the notes, which means being able to raise the bar of trust between pilot and navigator, greatly lowering the emotional stress due to the fear of making mistakes. This simple steering wheel cover helps to be more efficient because the notes are more precise.

I chose to distribute it in Switzerland because I love being able to convey to my customers everything that can be used for a better result, in any field.

Many of my customers already use the same system by applying adhesive tapes on the steering wheel and Easywrite will help them a lot! ”.

In his opinion, is Easywrite also useful in normal daily road use?

“Yes, of course, it is a fantastic tool that gives a very technical and sporty style, as well as accustoming and training to the correct drafting of notes, even using the car on any daily occasion”.

Who do you recommend it to in particular?

“Of course I recommend it to all rally drivers but not only to them: even those who run on the track and in hill climbs and would like to savor the world of rallying, as well as to all motorsport fans in general”.